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“Discover How to Quickly and Easily Repair
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“This New Step by Step Guide Will Allow YOU
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Dear Frustrated PS3 Gamer

Today you are about to discover how YOU can quickly, easily, and independently repair your PS3’s Ylod also known as the Yellow Light of Death problem, frequent red screen issues, and dozens of common screen errors on a shoestring budget from the comfort of your own home.

Are YOU fed up with the following PS3 issues?

  • Frequent Trips to the repair shops?
  • Frequent handling fees to send the console to the manufacturer?
  • Frequent system breakdowns and errors?
  • Frequent expensive repair bills and new purchase tickets?
  • Frequent nights Googling a solution to your PS3 light problems?

If so, you have some serious issues with your Playstation 3 video gaming console that needs immediate proper attention!

Do These Problems Look Familiar?

Problem #1

The Yellow Light of Death!

Description: PS3%20Yellow%20Light%20Of%20Death

This is the dreaded “Yellow Light of Death” that
signifies that your system is overheating. 
Without immediate, proper attention, this could be
the end of your PS3 as you know it!

Problem #2

Dozens of Common Screen Errors

Description: ps3 error

Getting a screen error message is NEVER a good thing and
it signifies that you have an underlying problem with your
PS3 that needs immediate attention. 

If this problem goes untreated for long enough, it could
cause other issues or even destroy your PS3!

Problem #3

The Red Screen of Death

Description: red screen

The Red Screen of Death is one of the leading causes
for gamers having to eventually trash their PS3
entirely and purchase a new one as a result of the
irreparable damage that can be done if this problem isn’t
properly handled in a timely fashion

My friend, you are definitely not alone in this scenario.  This is absolutely nothing new.

Millions of gamers world wide are constantly living in worry and torment because they never know exactly when their screen could instantaneously go black or even more importantly that dreaded yellow light of death appears which will totally compromise your ability to have fun playing your PS3.

So tell me something….

Do you have constant system memory loss forcing you to completely lose your social ranking yet you can’t understand why?

How about those of you that are absolutely fed up with spending $100-$150 or more with these crooked, sleazy repair shops that are only out to profit from you rather than help you? 

If so, I’m sure that you are aware that these repair warranties that are given to you upon picking up your “So called” repaired video game console after weeks or likely even months of being stored in a warehouse are usually totally bogus!

These warranties don’t protect your purchase in any way!  They are one-sided, deceptive, and do nothing more than serve as a means for repair shops to steer clear from any well-deserving prosecution by exploiting tiny flaws in the legal system. 

If you have the “Yellow Light of Death” problem...

  • You will be unable to play any of your favorite PS3 games!
  • You will have disappointed friends due to a nonworking console!
  • You will continue lose your saved data regularly!
  • You will lose ALL the hard earned MONEY you invested!
  • You will lose your social class on certain video games!
  • You will not be able to play other opponents online!
  • You will lose the progress that you’ve made in your gaming endeavors!

    There’s no reason that YOU or any other PS3 users should ever have to deal with this problem again!

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Description: Did_you_Know

“More than 72% of PlayStation users that attempt to repair
their systems on their own are unsuccessful.”

“The average repair bill for common PS3 problems is more than $100 dollars and can often cost more than $150 even though you can get a brand new console for as low as just $250.” 

“87% of PlayStation users with the common problems that
PS3 Ylod Magic Fix solves will either trade in their PS3, sell it,
or just stop using it altogether when the problem could have
been repaired in just minutes on a shoestring budget.”

“The average PS3 lifespan without proper maintenances is just 3-5 years.  This can be multiplied by 4 with proper maintenance.

“The most common problems with the PS3 are light problems. More than 52% of PS3 owners will have this problem at some point.”

It’s Time for a Change!

Your Video Gaming Experiences will NEVER
be the Same After TODAY!

What if there was a REAL solution that allowed you to quickly repair your yellow light of death problem in less than a single afternoon without paying one single out of pocket dime or even ever leaving your home?

Picture how GREAT you’ll feel once you are finally able to eliminate the yellow light issues and red screen problems, forever!

Imagine a world in which you will no longer be susceptible to having your exciting and intense video games interrupted potentially at the most exciting part due to common error messages, system memory loss, the common, annoying red screen issues, and most importantly the dreaded YELLOW LIGHT OF DEATH!

You’ll Fix PS3 Yellow Light
Problem in Record Time!

Mike Avery here and I’m pleased to share a very exciting and beneficial message with anyone who enjoys play their Playstation 3. 

As a gamer for many years myself, I enjoy playing hours of PS3 without interruption just like many others.  The problem is that although the PS3 is my personal favorite gaming console, just like many other systems, it has many unavoidable manufacturer defects. 

If you haven’t experienced any issues with your console you should consider yourself very fortunate.  However, I can 100% guarantee that if you continue to play your PS3 you will eventually face major problems that could cost hundreds of dollars such as the most dread Yellow Light of Death Problem

The Yellow light problem or Ylod (Yellow Light of Death) is perhaps the most common and expensive problem you’ll face with your PS3

PS3 Ylod Magic Fix!

Ps3YlodMagic Bonuses

PS3 Ylod Magic Fix was created by some of today’s top video game technicians over the course of more than a critical 12 month period.  Rather than wasting time attempting to create this magical Ylod light fix, I opted to piggyback off of the minds of some of today’s most gifted minds in the entire industry. 

Rather than spending approximately $150 every time that something goes wrong with your PS3 Ylod, you can now use PS3 YlodMagic Fix in order to spend one morning of your time to fix what could have led to the rapid death of your very expensive video game console. 

Now even YOU can repair your own PS3 system for FREE in the comfort of your own home.  No longer do you need to be some experienced technical genius or some super nerd that’s in love with computers living out of his grandmother’s basement. 

Here’s How PS3 Ylod Magic Fix Works:

Step #1 – Download It

Your first step is very simple.  Just click on the order link towards the bottom of this page and purchase “PS3 Ylod Magic Fix”RIGHT NOW.  You will then be sent an automatic download link.  Click the link and open the file.

Step #2 – Repair Your Console

Our simple step by step manual will guide even a 10 year old child through the process of quickly and easily opening up your console (Safely) then making some repairs so that your PS3 works the same as it did directly after your purchase.   Repairs normally take just 30-60 minutes in total repair time!

Step #3 – Enjoy Your PS3

You’re all done!  You can then enjoy your PS3 the way that you were meant to do with no worries of running into any more snags in your attempts to play.

And That’s It!

It’s really that simple!  Once you begin work on your beloved video game console, you’ll be totally shocked, amazed and thrilled at just how simple these repairs truly are!

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Take a Look at What You’ll Experience
PS3 Ylod Magic Fix!

Before PS3 Ylod Magic Fix: After PS3 Ylod Magic Fix:

Solve the Yellow Light of Death Problem!

  Description: ps3yellow

At First Your System Looked just like the above picture before using what you’ll learn in PS3 Ylod Magic Fix.


Yellow Light of Death Problem Solved!

Description: SCEE_PS3_detail_SONY___tif_jpgcopy


Solve Common Screen Error Messages!

Description: ps3 error

At First Your System Looked just like the above picture before using what you’ll learn in PS3 Ylod Magic Fix.


Yellow Common Screen Problems Solved!

Description: 0711_impp_03z+folklore_sony_ps3+screen_shot


Solve the Red Screen Issue!

At First Your System Looked just like the above picture before using what you’ll learn in PS3 Ylod Magic Fix.


Red Screen Issue Solved!

Description: ps3 screen


PS3 Ylod Magic Fix is the answer to your problems.  You’ve been desperately seeking a simple, dirt cheap solution to these common PS3 issues and here it finally is! 

PS3 Ylod Magic Fix is an easy to use, effective, and practical step by step guide to fixing the Ylod (Yellow Light of Death)problem, the red screen problem, and several other common errors on your PS3 game console in just a few hours without any experience or special skills. It’s so simple that a 10 year old child could easily repair it on a shoestring budget.

Life with PS3 Ylod Magic Fix means...

  • NO more expensive repair bills!
  • NO more having your PS3 fun interrupted!
  • NO more annoying problems with the PS3 lights!
  • NO more “Googling” a potential solution – Here’s your answer!
  • NO more buying useless guides that tell you NOTHING!
  • NO more system crashes!
  • NO more losing data with your built in memory database!
  • NO more system errors messages and viruses!
  • NO more headaches with your PS3, EVER!

You’ll finally get to say farewell to everything that you hate about your PS3 (Costly repairs), and say hello to enjoying a problem free gaming existence!

Ylod Problem Solved!

Here’s Why I’m Qualified to Help YOU

Unlike most of these solution providers circling the net that are only out to make MONEY off of you, I’m willing to put my hard work and hard earned dollars where my mouth is by creating an absolute risk free opportunity designed specifically for YOU!

I’m here to help you because I’ve been in your very frustrated and disgusted shoes so I’m very
passionate about this.

Here are a few reasons why YOU need MY help:

  • I’m someone who is a game fanatic.
  • I’m someone with prior dealings with a repair shop.
  • I’m someone who’s spent thousands in PS3 repairs.
  • I’m someone who’s spent years researching this subject.
  • I’m someone with years of “Hands on” experience.
  • I’m someone who’s successfully helped hundreds of others fix their Ylod lights.
  • I’m someone who has a 100% success rate thus far.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!  I can literally give you dozens of reasons as to why you absolutely “NEED” my help, but I’m sure that you get the picture!



This guide to quickly repairing the Yellow Light of Death problem is very straight forward and to the point, yet it leaves absolutely no questions on this subject unanswered. 

With PS3 Ylod Magic Fix YOU can…

  • Expect to spend 30-60 minutes in repairs as opposed to weeks or months.
  • Expect to enjoy hours of fun without interruption.
  • Expect to use a solution to your PS3 light issues that actually WORK.
  • Expect to receive a practical guide for PS3 self-repair.
  • Expect to have a PS3 that actually works when you want it to work.
  • Expect to have a nice bright screen that will NEVER go “Black”.
  • Expect to keep your disks forever without fear of console damages.
  • Expect to finally understand what each of these error messages mean.

But wait!  That’s not all.

With PS3 Ylod Magic Fix, You’ll learn:

  • How to instantly revive your PS3’s lifespan with our repairs.
  • How to fix the Ylod (Yellow Light of Death) on your PS3.
  • How to fix the red screen problem on your PS3.
  • How to fix the most common screen errors on your PS3.
  • How to understand and fix dozens of common error messages.

Everything is written in very simple step by step language so that even a 10 year old child could easily succeed.  Since most people are visual, hands-on learners, we’ve created this guide with more illustrations than text showing you what to do every step of the way. 

“Dozens Of Other PS3 Gamers Are Raving About

Brand New PS3 Ylod Magic Fix!”

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Description: special_offer


“Repair Your Own PS3 and Save

Hundreds of Dollars!”

Today and possibly TODAY only, I’m willing to share with you the exact step by step guide that has literally saved the lives of thousands of PS3s for almost nothing. 

Rather than continuing to make frequent trips to the repair shops, why not learn just how simple it is to fix your yellow light and screen problems yourself?  If you order your instantly downloadable copy of PS3 Ylod Magic Fix right now, you will be saving hundreds in repair costs not just once, but potentially over and over again. 

So why is this?

This is because every time that the frequent breakdowns occur, you will be right back in the repair shop spending $100-$150 on average. 

This could be 2, 3, or even 10 breakdowns in a single year even if you give your PS3 proper maintenance because the error isn’t a result of anything that you’ve done! 

If you are like most and don’t want these outrageous and unnecessary expenses, I am willing to offer you this product at a steal as well as 3 incredible 100% free bonuses all for just $37

Here’s What YOU Get When YOU Order

“PS3 Ylod Magic Fix” TODAY…

Ps3YlodMagic Bonuses Picture

“PS3 Ylod Magic Fix” “The world’s most easy to use, effective, and practical step by step guide to fixing the Ylod (Yellow Light of Death) problem, the red screen problem, and several other common errors on your PS3 game console in just 30-60 minutes without any experience or special skills.”

Bonus #1

 “How to Remove the Stuck Disks”

“Discover how to quickly and easily remove any “Stuck” or “Lodged” disk from your PS3 without damaging the disk or console.”

Bonus #2

“How to Fix the Black Screen Problem”

“Put an end to the black screen problem that you have been dealing with very quickly using this brief, easy to follow guide.”

Bonus #3

“How to Identify Dozens of Common Errors

“This is the ultimate blueprint to actually identifying and understanding the dozens of common PS3 error messages.

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Problem on Your PS3 From Home in Record Time (37$) !

You’ll also get FREE upgrades for life!  That’s right!  Every time our gifted video game technicians discover more simple, repair solutions you can download the latest version of PS3 Ylod Magic Fix absolutely FREE!  How’s that for an offer?

“So What Alternate Options
Do YOU Have?” 

Rather than lie to you in attempts to getting you to believe that PS3 Ylod Magic Fix is the ONLY solution in the world that will solve your PS3 issues, I’ll just give you the WHOLE truth.  There are other options that have worked in the past, but you should be very cautious! 

Many of these methods are much more trouble than they are actually worth. 

Problems with Other PS3 Repair methods:

Solution Solution Details Average Cost
Game Trade-in Companies Trading in your PS3 is never a good idea unless you are simply tired of playing it. If you are trading in your PS3 because you are fed up with having errors, lodged disks, screen problems, and system crashes there is a better solution with PS3 Ylod Magic Fix! $50-$100 + Your PS3 Console
Gaming Console Repair Shops These shops can be very inconvenient as well as very dishonest. Rather than charging you for the 3 minutes of effort that was required for the job, they would like to charge you for an entire day’s worth of work. This is completely immoral and should be downright illegal! $100-$200 per Visit
Purchasing a New Game Console This is very expensive and if you plan on purchasing a brand new PS3 every time that your system needs some repairs, you could be spending hundreds or even thousands of extra dollars. $250-$400
Other Guides, Manuals, and Videos they are just flat out ineffective. PS3 Ylod Magic Fix uses a step by step approach with more screenshots photos than actual words so that even the average 10 year old video gamer can repair their own video game consoles without any help. $50-$100
Free Help (Chat Rooms, Forums, Google) It could take months to scroll through the thousands of FREE forums on this subject that are available on the Internet. Honestly, your chances finding what you are looking for are slim to none unless you hire a professional researcher to find it for you. This can get very pricy very quickly. $50/Hour (Minimum 4-8 Hours)
PS3 Owner’s Manual The owner’s manual that comes with your PS3 only gives basic generic information that is useful in operating your machine on a daily basis but completely useless when you are attempting to make repairs. FREE With Your Console, but WON’T Solve Your Problem!
Manufacturer’s Warranty This warranty is basically useless. It doesn’t last long enough and there are always different loop holes and stipulations that hinder you from actually getting any assistance through this resource. $60-$75 Service Charge Per Repair



Don’t Decide Now! Use “PS3 Ylod Magic Fix”

For 60 Days Risk Free!

I know you’ll be able to use the methods you learn in my course to quickly and easily repair the “Yellow Light of Death” problem on your PS3 console, but I want you to be just as confident as I am about this. This is why I’m offering you a 60 day no-risk guarantee so you can read the course and see the value for yourself.

Try the course and if you’re not satisfied for any reason just reply to the receipt email with the word“Cancel” within 60 days and you will receive a full refund.  There will be no questions asked, and no hard feelings either.


No scammers allowed!  We are very familiar with the fraudulent tactics that many dishonest buyers are beginning to using to steal digital products and gain access to elite programs like ours! Anyone found guilty of any fraudulent buyer activity will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!


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This Sale Has Stipulations!

I feel compelled to give you a much needed “Heads up” on what’s to come in the near future. 

Listen very closely!

This is a highly discounted price and along with the 3 100% FREE incredible bonuses it's simply a BARGAIN!

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Stop paying hundreds in PS3 repairs and start repairing your own system from
the comfort of your own home on a shoestring budget TODAY!

YES Tim! – I want to Repair
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I’m ready to use “PS3 Ylod Magic Fix” to finally put an
end to The Yellow Light of Death, Red Screen Problem, and Dozens of Common Error messages!”

Description: I want to fix the "Yellow Light of Death" in record time from the comfort of my own home.
Description: I desire to have fun playing my PS3 without dealing with the red-screen problem!
Description: I want to possess the rare ability to finally end all my error messages blocking my fun!
Description: I would like to play my PS3 for hours on end with absolutely no interruptions, memory loss or problems

Today's Special Registration Price ONLY $37!


Your PS3 Could Be On Its Last Leg!

When dealing with repairs for any type of electronics, typically if the problem goes undetected and untreated for long enough, it will eventually begin to cause more serious problems in other areas. 

The Yellow Light of Death and red screen problems on your PS3 are no different. 

This is why waiting even another hour before repairing a current or potential problem could be a very costly mistake. 

Once your console damages have reached the limit as a result of neglect, the only options left will be to either spend hundreds of unnecessary dollars on a brand new console or even worse, stop playing your beloved PS3 altogether.  Which will it be? 

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Problem on Your PS3 From Home in Record Time (37$) !

Much to Your Success,

Tim Duane

P.S. Remember, this is your chance to finally end your Yellow Light of Death and red screen PS3 problems that have been hindering you from your fun.

P.S.S. I strongly urge you to immediately make one of the wisest decisions you will ever make by grabbing your discounted copy of PS3 Ylod Magic Fix and FREE bonuses by clicking here now (37$) !



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